Ensemble Studios will re-emerge as two separate companies

We’ve known about the closure of Ensemble Studios for a few months now, but rather than slink off into the darkness leaving fans mumbling about how great it all once was, the company has decided to take a different direction. According to Ensemble’s Bruce Shelley, two new studios will come out of what was once only one. Here’s the full quote:

“It’s hard to believe that the day has finally come when Ensemble Studios closes its doors and we move on to whatever is next. There are at least two new studios being formed by ES employees and I expect both to do very well. There were a lot of outstanding game developers here and it will be interesting to see how and what they do, both individually and as new groups, in the years ahead.” 

Maybe there is hope left yet. I wonder if the two studios will focus on separate genres, continue with RTS titles, or move into entirely new territory?

[Via IGN]

Colette Bennett