Eidos trademarks Battlestations: Pacific

Ships, submarines, aircraft … oh my! If a recent trademark is any indication, it looks like fans of the World War II-based real-time strategy/action hybrid, Battlestations: Midway, are in for a treat. 

On December 20, Eidos Interactive filed a trademark for Battlestations: Pacific. A logical conclusion would be that this is the sequel to the Xbox 360/PC title, Battlestations: Midway, which hit shelves in January of this year. The game received average reviews, none of which I could vouch for, because I don’t play games unless you can rip off a human’s head or beat up hookers. 

This reveal shouldn’t come as a huge surprise — this sequel (along with one for Just Cause) was announced earlier this year in an earnings report by Eidos’ parent company, SCi.

[Via Trademork]

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