Eidos announces Gauntlet coming to the DS

Funny thing, I was just thinking about this a few days ago. I played Gauntlet on Xbox Live Arcade and found myself wondering why I can’t play it on my DS (through non-illegal means, that is.) Per Robert Lindsey, executive VP of sales and marketing for Eidos, they will soon be offering a totally revamped version of the original Midway arcade title. Wait. Revamped?

I guess I was kind of hoping to play the original with wireless capability….but that’s ok. Much like Rampage, another arcade favorite, I helplessly play every incarnation of the series regardless of how crappy it may end up being. Call it an obsession. We’ll see how it ends up this summer, when the game hits store shelves. As long as they don’t cut out the awkward status announcements (“Valkyrie is abut to die!”), I’ll give it a spin.

[Via Intergame Online — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett