Echoes in Time revealed: Nothing to do with Chrono Trigger

Square Enix has revealed through Famitsu that Crystal Chronicles: Echoes in Time is heading to the DS and Wii. Our news contributor Adam Dork was expecting the announcement to be Chrono Trigger-related. No soup for him.

Instead, the Crystal Chronicles series is getting another game with Echoes in Time as its subtitle. This action RPG will integrate the Wii and the DS versions, meaning that Wii gamers and DS gamers can play the same game together. That’s pretty cool. Here’s a run down of features:

– Play at the same time on the Wii and DS, thanks to Pollux Engine created by Square Enix.
– Players on the Wii and players on the Nintendo DS will be able to play online together.
– Different gameplay for the 2 versions (stylus or Wiimote).
– Story revolves around Charlotta and a mysterious crystal.
– You can transfer Mii characters you made to the DS version.

Miis in my Final Fantasy? In some ways that sounds like a really fun addition, and in other ways the idea of a Mii’s demented face grinning around the CC world is slightly disturbing. 

Still, I actually quite liked Ring of Fates so hopefully this turns out to be solid. Having the Wii and DS work together wirelessly is always good stuff, and the DS’ communications should be used more often. Would you be interested in kitting up your Miis in mythril armor though?

James Stephanie Sterling