eBay as a marketing tool? Capcom explains how

Capcom has a rather interesting way of reviewing its market to find out which of its old franchises could do with a remake. It checks eBay to find out which games are the hottest property.

“To choose titles to revive, we see if we can give old franchises the modern touch, and we evaluate the fanbase and see if there’s a market for it,” stated John Diamonon of Capcom. “Sometimes we see games on eBay, and that’s how you see what games people are willing to spend $80 on. It’s certainly not the only thing we do, but sometimes we look there to assess the market value of a game.”

How very Web 2.0 of you, Capcom. MTV points out that a copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 sold for $455 the other day, so you better get to work on that post-haste, eh wot?

James Stephanie Sterling