EarthBound faceplate should make fans smile

I’ll never cease to be amazed at the passion displayed by some videogame fans. Recently, we tossed up a few select screenshots of EarthBound creatures created in Spore. They were splendidly done and elicited a smile from more than a few us here. Not to be outdone, our very community member free touch has created his own unique EarthBound creation – in the form of an Xbox 360 faceplate.

As you can see above, it’s a delightful rendition of the main characters and logo of the game. In his C-blog, free touch gives a few details as to what went into his creation, including the usage of custom colors and an obviously steady hand.

It’s a sharp creation, and I’m glad he decided to share it with us. I lack the ability to draw and paint, so I typically end up baking my videogame creations. It definitely lacks the style, but it tastes good in the end. Something tells me that plastic and paint lacks sugar and the ability to digest properly.

Brad BradNicholson