Early Access for Satellite Reign begins this December

My cybernetically augmented body is ready

It’s an undeniably wonderful time to be a PC gamer if you’re a fan of the cyberpunk genre. The last few years have produced a slew of high-quality titles on the platform with even more still on the smog-choked horizon.

One of my most anticipated titles is 5 Lives’ Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars. We’ve covered the hugely successful Kickstarter project on many occasions, but if you’re still unfamiliar: Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game set in a dystopian future where mega-corporations control the world’s governments and brutal corporate police patrol the streets, enforcing the will of their employers.

The studio’s intention is to provide the player with a world that will facilitate emergent gameplay. It’s completely up to you on how you’ll approach the game’s scenarios. Should your team charge in automatic rifles blazing or is high-tech infiltration more your speed? If things go to plan, both of these will be viable options, allowing you to play the game as you see fit.

With Early Access set to launch on Steam this December, 5 Lives has just released the trailer above showcasing the dangerous and darkly beautiful world of Satellite Reign. Pre-orders are available now at a ten percent discount if saving a bit of money’s your thing. You can do so the on title’s official page as well as at the Humble Store.

While thoroughly enjoyable, the trailer feels a bit too brief for my liking. To help round things out, here’s some footage from the “pre-alpha” build that was recently released for eligible Kickstarter backers. Enjoy!

Rob Morrow