EA not behind Origins DLC storage chest feature

Snatching mad loot from Dark Spawn corpses and non-infected containers can be an issue when inventory space runs out in Dragon Age: Origins. When this happens, players have four options: (a) start destroying lesser baubles and lose potential profit in order to pick up more stuff, (b) exit the area and hit an item merchant to unload, (c) buy backpack extensions or (d) download the “Warden’s Keep” DLC and use the party storage container that comes with it.

Some people aren’t digging the aforementioned storage solutions, especially the one that involves dishing out real dough for a chest. In a recent article, Web site Fidget makes the argument that Origins inventory is a product of bad design, and EA is using the problem to make money via DLC.

Origins lead designer Georg Zoeller responded to Fidget’s article, saying that the storage chest was indeed an option in the core game, but it was cut because players were losing items as the game’s story progressed. He continued, saying the chest is packed into the DLC because the crew just thought it would be a cool feature. He ends by pointing out this isn’t an EA thing; rather, it’s the Origins team pulling the trigger on what’s in or out of the DLC.

So, as with the Shale DLC, the Origins team were confronted with a technical issue and decided to put it out as optional content. We don’t sense evil behind their DLC motivations, unless of course, the team decides put out a “Use a hammer as an off-hand weapon” bit of content. Because that totally needed to be included in the game.

[via Joystiq]

Brad BradNicholson