EA, MTV, Harmonix to announce new game Monday; Laguna Beach Hero anyone?

Wired’s Game|Life blog has word that MTV, EA and Harmonix plan to announce the newest title from the creators of Guitar Hero via a Monday morning teleconference. The title in question has generated reams of speculation from the gaming community, with theoretical titles ranging from Drum Hero (lame), to Guitar Villian (confusing), to Big Band BFF (my personal favorite), and everything in between.

Until they actually make with the announcing, we remain in the dark, but they did drop the following hint: “MTV and Harmonix will also unveil a “first of its kind” partnership with major record labels and music publishers; representatives of those labels will be on hand during the teleconference.” What that means is anyone’s guess, but if I had to posit, I would assume the new title will have something to do with music.

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Earnest Cavalli
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