EA DICE teases Bad Company 2’s multiplayer (Update)

EA DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 appears to be shedding some of the humor that turned so many on to the original title. But don’t fret if you’re in that group. Jet planes, tanks, snow, a more advanced destruction engine, and a beefier multiplayer component seem to have taken the place of a few ridiculous Haggard one-liners.

So, let’s talk multiplayer, which by the way, has all of the stuff I listed above — tanks, snow, planes, and destruction. Beyond the break is your first look of Bad Company 2’s online component. Prepare to be awed. Battlefield got its swagger back.

Unfortunately, we can’t look too deep into the footage because the lion share of it isn’t exactly gameplay. Still, though, the few seconds of real stuff at the back end of it looks amazing. I can’t wait to drop buildings on all you guys in a few months.

[Update: Whoops. We had the video set to private. Silly us. It is now viewable.]

Brad BradNicholson