EA announces RISK: Factions (XBLA)

EA is bringing RISK to Xbox LIVE Arcade in 2010.

This afternoon, Electronic Arts announced RISK: Factions, a digital take on the board game set to be published by EA’s Play Label. Stainless Games (Magic: The Gathering) is at the helm of the project with support from Power House Animation.

The release information doesn’t make it seem like Stainless is trying to reinvent Australia — the official release does mention “new gameplay twists” as well as humor — but it seems like this is destined to be a faithful port of the board game with twists in mind.

Players will be controlling one of five different factions across objective and world conquest modes in search of missile silo control. The release adds that an “Overkill” option is a threat, while multiplayer and Avatar award opportunities will be bundled with the downloadable.

RISK: Factions is set for an “early” 2010 release for an unknown price.

[Update: It’s Stainless Games, not Stainless “Steel.” Many apologies for the error.] [image cred]

Brad BradNicholson