EA announces Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition

Electronic Arts has announced the impending release of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition. This retail release collects the original Dragon Age: Origins with the content from Awakenings and six downloadable content expansions. It’s a value of $114 but you’ll be able to buy it soon for the low, low price of $59.99. No exact date of release has been given (It is, but I am a blind idiot. October 26th -Ed) though it sounds like a good deal if you haven’t picked up the game yet. 

But what the hell is wrong with the people who decide what music is associated with this game? I haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins, but it dominated my living room for a good two weeks last month and I was utterly baffled by the ditty selected for the game’s closing credits. Now I’m watching high-fantasy warriors going into battle with Thirty Seconds to Mars playing in the background? I’m all for juxtaposition, but this is ridiculous.

Conrad Zimmerman