EA adds SimCity to charity laptops

EA is donating a copy the classic city building game SimCity for each laptop given out by the non-profit One Laptop Per Child, an origination that supplies inexpensive laptops to children around the world.

SimCity is a pretty good game choice for kids getting their first computer. It has almost infinite replay value, it’s very entertaining, and it actually has quite a bit of educational value. Good choice, EA!

“The game should prove to be an incredibly effective way of making the laptop relevant, engaging, and fun, particularly for first time players, says Steve Seabolt, vice president of global brand development for The Sims Label. “We are thrilled to be making this contribution to OLPC to help meet their goal of educating the children of the world.”

One Laptop Per Child will begin sending out systems to children in Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti, Cambodia and India by the end of 2007. I bet you these systems are better than Brad’s laptop.

[Via Gamasutra

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