E3: Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta dated

The first game brought out at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference was, of course, Uncharted 3: Darke’s Deception. A neat live demonstration started on a boat, filled with massive chandeliers and a grand stage that was otherwise empty.

After throwing a grenade in said boat, water begins pouring in. “That’s not good.” Suddenly the room is halfway full of water, and the entire ship flips. Our hero manages to escape through a convenient shaft, only to be chased by a surge of water as the screen fades to black. It was rad. Of course it was rad.

The multiplayer beta is set to go public on June 28. In addition, fans in the United States will be able to play the full multiplayer in October at Subway prior to the full retail release of Uncharted 3 in November. Eating fresh and playing Uncharted 3? These people are evil geniuses.

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