E3 No’8: The Resentmentoid Podcast

Join Jim Sterling, Topher Cantler, Brad Rice and Joe Burling for an evening of bitter and miserable young males sharing snarky and sarcastic comments about a videogames show that they could not attend.

Who won the battle of the big three at this year’s E3? Why is Wii Sports so rubbish? Who looks like the biggest sex offender, Jack Tretton or Major Nelson? Is Reggie Fils Aimes made of meat? All this and more is decided at E3 No’8, the home of people who had to stay at home while everybody else has a really good time.
You can check out the show on the regular Podtoid page, or iTunes if you’re into that sort of thing. Be warned, it’s a somewhat long show, but we are talking about E3 here. Enjoy the podcast … because you’re not enjoying E3.

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