E3 09: Tecmo’s 2009 lineup has ninjas, musical platforming

Tecmo just announced their 2009/2010 lineup, and while some of it is either unsurprising or disappointing (Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3 and Family Fun Football for the Wii, respectively), a couple of games caught my eye more than the others.

Quantum is a PS3 game described as being “presented in an art nouveau style world” that’s partially naturalistic, partially technological. That sounds like BioShock, but that’s okay, because BioShock had a great atmosphere.

Secondly, Fret Nice is coming to XBLA and PS3, which I’ve been waiting for for God knows how long. As you can see from the above screen from the old demo (back when it was downloadable), it’s a platformer/action/puzzle game controlled entirely with a Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller. To kill enemies, you literally make your character jump into the air and blast them with the power of rock. It’s a surprisingly entertaining control system that, to be honest,  Brutal Legend really should be using, but isn’t for whatever damned reason. Still, at least Fret Nice will be bringing the guitar-controlled awesomeness in 2010.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the games Tecmo mentioned:

– Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

Quantum (PS3)

Undead Knights (PSP)

– Family Fun Football (Wii)

– Fret Nice (XBLA/PSN)

– Puzzlegeddon (XBLA/PSN)

– NBA Unrivaled (PSN/XBLA)

You can find the full press release after the jump.

Featuring a Plethora of Multi-Platform Fun with Super Ninjas, World Domination Puzzle Madness, Contemporary Retro Basketball, Family Fun Football, Sick Guitar Riff Combos, an Epic Fantasy Shooter and Zombie Soldiers
TORRANCE, Calif., June 1, 2009 – Leading video game developer and publisher TECMO® today announced its biggest E3 Expo lineup to date, whose console titles include the ultimate action-packed ninja adventure, a rockin’ new-style invasion game that’s a bloody good time, an art nouveau third-person fantasy shooter, and a casual football game for the family.  Breaking into the digital download space, TECMO is proud to announce three titles for Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation®Network.  One harmonizes the unity between music and platformer genres, another is a puzzle brawler, and the third introduces NBA into the digital download arena.
Tecmo will have all titles on display in either playable and/or video form at the E3 Expo 2009 in South Hall booth #822 between June 2nd and 4th.
NINJA GAIDEN® SIGMA 2 (PLAYSTATION®3 system / Fall 2009)
The most intense, challenging, action-packed ninja adventure is back, exclusively on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system!  From Tokyo to New York, follow super ninja Ryu as he encounters vicious enemies and acquires an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry along the way.

“The sequel to the greatest ninja game ever made comes to the PS3, complete with new characters, new bosses, and new modes!” – PlayStation The Official Magazine, May 2009
  • New Playable Characters: Ninja Gaiden’s Rachel, Ayane from the Dead or Alive series and Momiji from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword appear as sexy new playable characters
  • Online Co-op: Two people can engage in online co-op play, with voice chat, in 10 different stages (in 4 difficulty settings) to complete special missions. Rankings from each mission are recorded and posted online, where gamers can choose their opponents based on players’ mission stats.
  • Visual Diversity: Over 30 unique characters, 17 stages with a variety of environments, and a storyline which unfolds in 70 impressive cut-scenes
  • New Enemies: A variety of new enemies and bosses have been incorporated into the stunning enhanced environments
  • Variable AI: Contributing to the increased difficulty level, the gameplay differs each time you appear in a level as enemies engage in a variety of different actions as they assess the current situation
  • Gameplay Innovation: A finishing blow system can be used in battle to quickly defeat an enemy in one dynamic action
  • Weapon Rewards: The weapons you acquire can be leveled up to strengthen their power and gain new battle techniques
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound: Full HD 1080p output and 5.1ch surround sound allows players to experience the game in total high definition

Additional information on the title can be found at www.ninjagaidengame.com.

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

QUANTUM™ (PLAYSTATION®3 system / 2010)
Experience Syd and Filena’s adventurous ascent through a treacherous tower in this action-shooter game, presented in an art nouveau style world that is on the verge of becoming post-apocalyptic, which merges the beauty of organic motifs with technology and action-packed gameplay.

  • Shape-Shifting Battlefield: Navigate through a dark fantasy world where the intense battleground surprises you with new and challenging obstacles by changing its form in real-time
  • Two-Character Combination Actions: Syd and Filena perform actions as a pair-in some instances, that is the only way to overcome hurdles. Strategically perform combos for a more powerful, fierce attack against colossal enemies
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Gameplay Environment: Radiant colors and the mixture of organic elements complements both action and technology
  • Online Play: Continue your adventure with your friends in Team Battle and Battle Royale modes

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

UNDEAD KNIGHTS™ – PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system / Fall 2009
Playing as the anti-hero, rage through the wrath of fearless enemies and build the nastiest and most profane army you can think of in this new-style invasion action game. Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can’t help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue over a raging metal soundtrack that helps your channel your inner anger. If you can deal with the gut-wrenching, Smack-talking, fluid-spitting, and limb amputating ways of your army, you can embark on your journey of vengeance to defeat the king.

  • The Dark Hero Persona: This game atypically allows you to be the “evil” main character serving as an anti-hero figure
  • Create a Zombie Army: Defeat as many enemies as you can to transform them into your own personal soldiers
  • Combo Attacks: Choose up to ten different combo attacks to fight your way through varied enemies ranging from animals to soldiers
  • Show Some Personality: Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can’t help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue
  • Head-Banging Madness: A raging metal soundtrack helps channel your inner anger
  • On a Mission: Get ready to face the king in the fifth mission for each of the four main areas
  • Ad-Hoc Multiplayer: Challenge up to three other players in VS play or collaborate with them in co-op play

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

FAMILY FUN FOOTBALL™ (Wii / Fall 2009)
Play against friends and family in vibrant themed football stadiums, and perhaps in space! Choose to be one of the game’s quirky characters, featuring animals, aliens and robots, or unlock the ability to play as your own Mii™. Coach teams with a simple offensive and defensive playbook, with intuitive Wii Remote™ controls, for a fun pick-up and play party experience.

  • Simple Playbook: A coaching playbook that makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand the game of football.
  • Colorful Stadiums: Five stadiums that include a fun mix of realistic and fantasy worlds such as a space themed stadium.
  • Power-ups: During gameplay, players can be rewarded with a power-up from a slot-style system that enhances certain attributes including speed, strength, passing, and interception for a limited amount of time.
  • Mini-Games: Ten fun and simple mini-games can be played with up to four players.
  • Teams:  Ten unique teams with their own attributes that players can choose to play competitively with.
  • Mascot Mode: Players can play as their default character or their team’s mascot in Mascot Mode! Mascots include animals, aliens and robots and additional, unlockable mascot heads.
  • Mii™ Compatibility: Load in your own Mii caricatures and play against your friends’ and family’s Miis for a more personal experience.

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

TECMO Goes Digital!

FRET NICE™ (PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE®Arcade / 2010)
Rock on and harmonize the unity between music and 2D platformer!  As you control your character through the artful stages, you play the game as if it were a jammin’ rock song. Blast your enemies with riff combos and create your own soundtracks with each “strum” of a chord. You will have an ever-changing experience each time a stage is repeated.    

  • Audio Dynamics: Notes you play in Riff Combos are relative to the current key of the stages’ songs, allowing for user-generated audio-tastic soundtracks.
  • Riff Combos: When a note is played in the air, a Riff Combo will be activated to help defeat enemies. Facial
  • Attribute System: A fun and visual way to interpret riff combos. For example, if there are three eyes and two tentacles on an enemy, you have to “strum” three of the same notes and two same other note in the riff combo.
  • Cooperative Play: Play cooperatively with a friend (locally or over network) to clear stage levels and compete with each other for high scores. The catch is that you are connected by an instrument cord, preventing both of you from getting too far from each other on a shared screen.

Visit myspace.com/thevibrantchordblasters for more Fret Nice fun!
This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

This title has not yet been concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

PUZZLEGEDDON™ (PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE®Arcade / 2009)
Set in an array of galaxies, Puzzlegeddon™ features a clever mix of puzzle, action and strategy in a game that is fast-paced and addictive. Compete for the top spot on the planet by creating multiple combos for the quickest way to gather enough resources to blast your enemies out of this world! Or, if you find yourself on the perilous poisonous planet, solve brainteasers to rapidly get your way back onto the battlegrounds. You can battle up to five players in a variety of galaxies in this stylish and quirky puzzle brawler.

  • Fun Game Modes:
    • Solo Brawl – Battle against different bots in either Battle Royale or Deathmatch.
      • Battle Royale – Be the last one standing and compete for bonus points in a series of rounds. Choose your time limit, # of bots, difficulty level and modify handicap settings to your liking. The winner is determined by the most points added up from the series of rounds!
      • Deathmatch – Compete for points in time-based matches and clear mini-challenges to return to the game if you are blown off the planet.
    • Poison Peril – Strategize to solve puzzles to survive on the poisonous planet.
  • Online Multiplayer – Battle in online or local multiplayer action in Battle Royale or Deathmatch with up to five other people or bots.
  • Tutorial – If “puzzle, action, and strategy” sounds too much to handle, there is a handy guide to walk you through helpful strategies for a better gameplay experience.

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

This title has not yet been concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

NBA UNRIVALED™ (PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE®Arcade / 2009)
Paying homage to the old school look and feel of classic arcade games, NBA UNRIVALED™ brings to the table a contemporary retro design to this generation of high definition gaming. Sporting the full NBA license and the 2009 NBA season’s team and player rosters, the game also includes current stats, logos and jerseys. Ball your way up to the top of the league and play to your fullest to get the crowd pumped.

  • Style: A stylish game containing a “contemporary retro” design, paying homage to the old school look and feel.
  • Momentum Bar: Gauge how well your team pleases the crowd by checking where the momentum bar is at. Gain more momentum for your team by laying down free throws, 3 pointers, and other fine moves to be rewarded with stat increases.
  • Multiplayer: Compete in Player vs. Player or 2 Players vs. Computer on one or two separate consoles.
  • Difficulty Level Balance: Depending on your team’s stats, the difficulty level will be tuned to accommodate for a more fun and challenging experience.

This title has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

This title has not yet been concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

About Tecmo
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