E3 09: PSP Go confirmed, first official details

According to Kaz Hirai during the 2009 Sony E3 press conference, the company has two names for its next portable gaming system: “The worst-kept secret of E3, and the PSP Go.”

The new system will be launching simultaneously in North America and Europe on October 1, and November 1 in Japan. The PSP Go will retail for $249.99, and is “50% smaller and 40% lighter than the PSP 1000.” As for its feature set, it’s got 16 GB of flash memory, built in wi-fi, bluetooth, and uses Memory Stick Micro.

It was specifically mentioned that Sony would “continue to support and market the PSP 3000 alongside the PSP Go,” with all future titles being released as both digital downloads and UMDs. Lastly, a new PC service named Media Go was shown, with its purpose being that of faster and more intuitive content transfers.

Jordan Devore
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