E3 09: Perfect Dark on Xbox LIVE Arcade? Yep, it exists

Thank you, Twitter, for once again spoiling the many surprises of this year’s E3. In tonight’s edition, we look at a tweet from one Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb in which the existence of Perfect Dark on Xbox LIVE Arcade is finally addressed.

In the booth. Just saw Perfect Dark on XBLA running 1080p. It is coming to XBLA this winter. Free theme coming tomorrow!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, a free theme. And an HD-ified Perfect Dark on XBLA? That’s cool too. The rumors about the port have been going on for so long that I’ve lost most of my interest, sadly. Perhaps we’ll hear more about GoldenEye on LIVE Arcade in the near future?

At any rate, our boys and girls on the field will certainly have more news on the subject.

Jordan Devore
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