E3 09: New Dead Rising 2 screenshots feature total carnage

Dead Rising 2 remains largely a mystery to us at this point. Other than the moose head, the new setting and protagonist, and of course, the much more expensive looking graphics, the game doesn’t look like it’s got to much going on to differentiate it from the original.

These screenshots don’t do much to change that. Most of them look like they were taken directly from the trailer from a while back. Probably the best thing about them is they’re HUGE, so you can really take a look at how nice the game’s new graphics really are. 

There is also a mysterious pic that seems to feature an earlier version of the game’s protagonist where he doesn’t look like an ugly love child of Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook. Also notable is the box art, which makes the right choice by not showing this new guy’s face.

I miss you already, Frank West. 

Jonathan Holmes
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