E3 09: Microsoft is pulling the plug on Xbox Originals

Xbox Originals, the overpriced, but extremely useful (if you have a large enough hard drive) service that allows original Xbox titles to be downloaded and played on an Xbox 360, is on life support. As reported by IGN, Microsoft has “finished its portfolio” of games, so to speak.

After one additional unannounced Xbox game becomes an Original, the service will not be updated further. Perhaps this has to do with the newly-announced “Games on Demand” service, which provides full retail Xbox 360 titles for download?

Or maybe they simply ran out of quick and easy ports, and all that’s left are games that require too much effort to be worth investing in? Either way, there are a countless number of great Xbox titles that aren’t A)  backward compatible and B) available as an Original. For this, we are sad.

Jordan Devore
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