E3 09: God of War III’s visuals will ‘improve dramatically’

“Everything you see here will improve dramatically in the final game. We’re always improving.”

That’s what God of War III producer Stig Asmussen told us today of the game, during a behind-closed-doors demo. It’s hard to believe — the demo played at Sony’s E3 press conference and free to play on the floor looks more than incredible. It’s not an understatement to come out and say that it may be one of the best-looking third-person action games ever, if not the best-looking game on the PlayStation 3. 

But comparing it to the demo of the same section of gameplay we saw earlier in the year, he’s definitely not just blowing smoke. The game had already improved dramatically, with some of the most obvious examples the game’s lighting. But Asmussen points out the new blood effects, with splatters covering Krato, become covered in blood as he tears down enemies. Or another little touch just put in for the E3 demo, a group of rats scattering into darkness as Kratos shines the light from the eyes of the severed head of Helios upon them.

With my mind already blown by what I’m seeing, I can’t imagine where my jaw will land when it ships next March. We hope to get some hands on time with God of War III (about 20 minutes worth of gameplay) here at E3.


Nick Chester