E3 09: Every NPC talks in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Chew on this for a second:  every non-playable character in BioWare’s upcoming PC MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic talks. Every single digital denizen BioWare has created to populate the game’s universe will have something to say. Useful dialogue or not, this is an impressive feat — an industry first, as we were told during Electronic Arts’ E3 press conference this afternoon.

We’re not exactly sure how big the BioWare’s version of George Lucas’ galaxy is, but we’re guessing it’s not going to be small. The expansiveness is one of the big draws for fans.

Couple this with the suggestion that fetch quests (“Go here, get 20 of this”) won’t be included in the game and you’ve got yourself an MMO to look forward to.

Brad BradNicholson