E3 09: Epic Games announces Shadow Complex for XBLA

Kicking off the first part of Microsoft’s ‘exclusive only’ portion of their press conference, Cliff Bleszinski and Donald Mustard announced Shadow Complex, a new Metroidvania style game coming for XBLA. While we found out the existence of this title earlier today from the leak on MS’s website, we know have a lot more details about the gameplay.

Aside from regular staples of the genre like double and triple jumping and hookshots, they also mentioned a kind of ‘foam gun’ that you can use to create platforms and staircases to access previously unreachable areas. Definitely has a strong sci-fi feel to it, and it sounds pretty neat.

Boasting a huge map, a 10+ hour main game, and over one hundred hidden items to find, this appears to be an XBLA game that’ll give you a pretty decent chunk of gameplay, and if it’s like all the other Metroidvania games, there will be a ton of replayability as well. Since I’m a huge Metroid and Castlevania whore, this’ll be a game I’ll be watching pretty closely.

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