E3 09: DJ Shadow attempts to kill my E3 productivity

Hey Activision, listen up — if you intend on having me cover any of your games at E3 this year, you need to not have DJ Shadow — who appears in the upcoming DJ Hero — spinning records in your booth.

Sure, I get it. It’s E3’s return to form, a big, flashy and loud show full of lights and sights that really embody how huge our industry really is. But how do you expect me to make it to my 1:00 P.M. appointment with Ubisoft if I’m stopped dead in my tracks by DJ Shadow mixing records live, right in front of my face? Simply put, it’s not going to happen. 

On behalf of myself, anyone else who wants to get some work done at the show, and other publishers… enough. You’re killing me; it’s way too easy to kick back to watch Entroducing unfold before my eyes.

Nick Chester