E3 09: Dark Void may make you hurl

Dark Void offers a few different gameplay styles with the main element consisting of the jetpack gameplay. For most of the game, you’ll have a jetpack that you can use whenever you’d like. You’ll be able to fly Superman style and also hover horizontally.

Capcom and Airtight Studios have spent a lot of time making sure the flight mechanics are … airtight. It takes a little while to get the hang of and after awhile, flying feels pretty natural. You’ll be able to do barrel rolls and 180 degree flips with the thumbstick buttons easily too.

While the controls are good, it was hard flying around sometimes. I would get lost in my loops while engaging enemies in the air and couldn’t figure out which way was up. While I was trying to correct myself, I started getting really dizzy. The dizziness went away after I figured what direction the sky was again, but the dizzy feeling happened every time I lost my sense of direction.

I’m hoping I can get myself used to the game’s flying mechanic as Dark Void is Chad-fuls of fun. I really do want to go through the campaign but the dizzy feeling may cut my time with Dark Void. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t suffer any dizzyness if there was a arrow indicator showing the player which way was up. It should be noted that this has never happened to me from any other flight game before.

For a more in-depth preview, check out Nick’s preview from earlier in the year. 

Hamza Aziz