E3 08: Valkyria Chronicles not really on PSP

Usually the first thing I think about when someone mentions Valkryia Chronicles is how Sega wants us to spell it for the week. While the spelling may have varied in the past, Sega has never wavered from the game’s release on the PlayStation 3 this November. At the Sony press conference yesterday, Sony showed off a snippet of the gameplay. The only problem, as the perceptive eyes at Kotaku caught, is that the video was shown during the PSP demo.

This kind of mistake is not exactly the worst thing that could have happened. Imagine if Sony showed it off as a downloadable PS1 title. Sony has yet to comment on the mess up, and we wonder if any video editors have suddenly found themselves in the job market again. Fortunately, there was little kickback from the gaming community for the mess up.

This has got me thinking about other blunders that could have happened during the show. Imagine the God of War III trailer airing during the PS2 segment at the Sony conference, or accidental Mii shots during the Avatar bit at Microsoft’s show. What other potentially epic failures or miscues can you think of?

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