E3 08: SOE’s The Agency makes progress with new concept art

Let me tell you a little story of how E3 can make you feel like a dumbass. After running to the press room to blog about the Nintendo conference that had no food and no games I gave a rat’s ass about, I wrote as fast as I possibly could and then ran to Sony Online Entertainment, where I was shown The Agency, a very handsome espionage MMO in the James Bond vein. Cool, right? I was hyped to write this up.

So I get back, prep to write the article, and do a search to see if we had any other posts about it I could link to. What do I find? Oh, only this excellent impressions post on The Agency written by one Mr. Dale North. I knew the game wasn’t new, but I didn’t think we already done a full impressions on it. Hence, I am a dumbass.

Sadly, there wasn’t a lot of new information shown about the game, although it was hinted at that they are still toying with the idea of how to handle subscriptions and that the possibility of no monthly charges hasn’t been ruled out yet. For such a high quality title, I can’t imagine not playing a monthly fee, but since SOE is hoping to capture the attention of console owners with the title, they may have to think creatively when it comes to that.

What I do have to offer you is some new concept art, which is pretty gorgeous. Sorry it isn’t much, but I hope you enjoy it. Also, I’m a moron. Enjoy!

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