E3 08: Sega Blowout: Samba de Amigo

Thanks so much for releasing everything during Nintendo’s press conference, Sega, it’s awfully hard to pay attention to Carrot Top Shaun White pimping his new snowboarding game while going through all these new assets. Still, they’re pretty awesome assets, and I really don’t care much about that snowboarding game anyway, so let’s get started with the new Samba de Amigo info.

As I said, Sega released a lot of assets (all viewable in the gallery) and while all of Samba de Amigo’s environments are still looking blindingly colorful, I couldn’t help but notice a certain hedgehog showing up in some of them. That’s right, Sonic and other Sega characters will be making guest appearances in certain levels.

Sega also announced the different gameplay modes we can expect to see, these include: career, single-player, multiplayer, training, records, quick play, classic, battle, survival, hustle, mini-games, and co op multiplayer. There will also be online leaderboards so that you can show off any particular high scores you get.

Samba de Amigo will come with 40 songs on the disk and will have additional music available as DLC — the better to keep you shaking your Wiimotes.
Are you planning to rock out with Samba de Amigo when it releases on September 23?

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