E3 08: Resistance: Retribution details

The big PSP bombshell at the Sony Press Conference was the unveiling of Resistance: Retribution. Bend Studio, known for its work with a whopping seven Syphon Filter titles, is developing the game. Retribution is a third-person shooter, starring a guy not named Nathan Hale. Despite the lack of Hale, the PSP rendition of Resistance is looking just as chaotic and action-packed.

The game will act as a bridge between Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. It is set mere weeks after the invasion of Britain. Even though Hale busted up the Chimera quite thoroughly in Fall of Man, the conversion centers are still active. The story revolves around a British Marine named James Grayson, who is stuck in a conversion center at the beginning of the game. Grayson develops quite the hatred of the centers because of an unfortunate circumstance with his brother. After he escapes, Grayson pledges to destroy every piece of Chimera equipment he can find. Luckily, there will be plenty since the Chimera have decided to invade the entirety of Western Europe in one fell swoop.

The game will sport a new PSP specific targeting system, as well as a very considerate saving point system for those on the go. Several weapons and enemies will be returning from the original Resistance along with the inclusion of new monsters like the Hag and Cloven. Also, there will be an ad-hoc eight-player multiplayer mode that includes favorites like Capture the Flag, Containment, and Assimilation.

Don’t forget to check out our screens below, and the teaser trailer shown at the Sony conference after the break.

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