E3 08: PS3 version of Eternal Sonata finally gets a release date

When Namco Bandai’s RPG Eternal Sonata came out last year I didn’t pick it up. The concept about the story taking place in dying composer Frederic Chopin’s fever induced dreams sounded really cool, sure, but I had plenty of other RPGs to play through at the time. That, along with some of the mixed reactions I was hearing about it prompted me to wait a while until the price dropped.

Then, news about a PlayStation 3 port with additional features started popping up, so I figured that would be the thing to wait for. Although it was originally rumored to be coming out at the beginning of this year, Namco Bandai got quiet on the subject of a release date and we haven’t heard much on the subject in a while. Finally, though, there is a (rather vague, actually) release date to look forward to: the good ole standby of “fall.” The following are the extras we can expect to see in the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata.

  • New quests, battles and events.
  • New characters: Crescendo and Serenade can now join your party. You can also change the characters’ default outfits.
  • New music: Expanded Chopin soundtrack?
  • Multiple endings apparently depending on which characters you pick.
  • There’s also some mention of 2-3 player co-op in battles. Since I never played the original I’m not sure if this is actually new or not, but I don’t remember hearing anything about it.

Sounds good to me. Adding more content is certainly a good way to entice late adopters. Check out the gallery for some screens and hit the jump to check out another trailer.

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