E3 08: MGS4 on Xbox 360? Ask Konami, suggests Microsoft

You can imagine Microsoft is feeling pretty smug about yesterday’s “MEGATON ZOMG SQUARE-ENIX BE TRAITORZ” announcement that Final Fantasy XIII was heading to the Xbox 360, but in case your imagination wasn’t enough, here’s what Aaron Greenberg told reporters following the event:

We have a white board that lists all of the games people said we’d never get. That list is getting smaller.

At the very top of the white board, one has to guess that Metal Gear Solid 4 sits itching to be wiped off. FF XIII was a huge coup and a few people are feeling that Guns of the Patriots can only follow. When asked about it by MTV’s Stephen Totilo, Greenburg was coy, merely laughing it off and suggesting that it was “a question for Konami.”

Oh Greenburg, you sly devil, you. What does Destructoid’s E3-following community think? Is MGS4 a matter of time for The ‘Soft, or will Sony hang on to arguably its biggest exclusive?

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