E3 08: Logitech making a wireless keyboard for Wii, racing wheel for PS3

Waaaaay back in 2007 you may recall that Nintendo released a system update that added keyboard support. I’m kind of surprised that it’s taken so long, but we’re finally seeing a peripheral set to cash in on the crowd of Wii owners that really like using the Internet Channel.

This new wireless keyboard is being manufactured by Logitech and is officially licensed by Nintendo. It’ll have some buttons that are designed specifically for the Internet Channel, such as keys for Zooming In and Out, going Forward and Back, Quiting, and selecting OK. There isn’t a release date yet, but it will be selling for $49.99. I’ve really only ever used the Internet Channel to play some browser games and watch Youtube videos, so it isn’t a product that really appeals much to me.

The second Logitech device announced is a new wireless racing wheel for the PlayStation 3. Beyond the fact that it is both a “racing wheel” and “wireless” we really don’t know much about it yet.

Do you see yourself picking either of these up when they release?

[Thanks, Adam and Brain]

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