E3 08: Ghostbusters: The Video Game demo footage

And the E3 videos keep on a’coming. This latest footage comes from our friends over at G4, who got some time with associate producer Ryan French and the latest demo of Sierra’s upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game (maybe no one told them we spell it “videogame” round these parts). Although it’s coming out for virtually every system this demo is shown running on the game’s primary platform, the PlayStation 3.

Interesting fact that’s revealed during the hands-on: it turns out that the rookie Ghostbuster that you’ll be controlling was actually modeled after Ryan. It may have just been a way for the studio to save money, but getting a character modeled after you is still pretty damn cool.

One feature that I found pretty interesting is that while you’ll get money for every ghost you capture, you’ll also get charged by the city of New York for all the collateral damage you cause. What money you get to keep after every mission can then be spent to upgrade your equipment, so it should give trigger happy players some pause before they start blowing up public buildings — to enjoy the beautiful destruction effects — unless they don’t care about getting the latest in proton pack technology.

Ryan also shows off some of the equipment you’ll be using, such as the aforementioned proton pack, PKE meter and paragoggles (to search for hidden ghosts), dark matter generator, mason collider, slime blower, and slime tether. The slime tether sounds especially cool, as you can use it to anchor ghosts to objects in the environment with ropes of green slime, making them easy targets.

Check out the footage after the jump. Has the game gotten you interested yet?

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