Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid screenshots: Super Saiyan references are GO!

With Warriors Orochi 2 not turning out to be quite the wonder horse I had hoped for, I now look to Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid for my next hack n’ slash fix. The first Warriors Orochi worked amazingly well on the PSP and I’m convinced that portable is the way to go with DW titles from now on.

These first official screens show Zhao Yun in action. Judging by the character boxes in the bottom left-hand side of the screen, it’s quite possible that Multi Raid will be using the “tag team” feature as introduced in Warriors Orochi, allowing the player to swap between three characters during a battle. That’s just conjecture on my own rancid part, but it’d certainly explain the game’s name. 

Also included are some higher quality renders of the new alternate character models for Zhao Yun, Xiahou Dun and Sun Shang Xiang, unlocked with their new Kakusei ability. Good stuff. 

Here’s to it not having 90% slowdown.

[Thanks, Andreas]

James Stephanie Sterling