Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid heading to PSP: Can we handle more than one RAID!?

Ever since the announcement of Dynasty Warriors 6 Special on PlayStation 2, I had pretty much expected that DW6 would find its way to the PSP eventually. Looks like I was right, as Jump magazine has revealed Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid to the world!

Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid is indeed a PSP game based on Dynasty Warriors 6, but some new features are said to be included, such as the Shin Musou Kakusei — in essence an upgraded “musou rage” as originally seen in DW5. It looks like the Kakuesei actually changes your character’s appearance, and the Jump scan shows off a new character model for the beefed up Zhao Yun, complete with Super-Saiyan hair.

Looks hot to me. If this includes the updated character weapons from the PS2 version (and I have no reason to believe it won’t) then I will be all over this. I’m not interested in playing DW6 again on the PS2 just for Zhang He’s de-cloned moveset, but I’ll happily invest my time in a PSP version. 

[Via my sexy friends as Koei Warriors]

James Stephanie Sterling