Duke Togo gets a Hot Toys makeover: presenting Golgo13

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I have a little story for you about ol’ Duke Togo. When I was nine years old and deep in the midst of my Nintendo addiction, I rented Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode, having no awareness of the manga it spawned from or any idea what I was about to get into. The game had a decidedly different feel from any other NES game I had ever played and I really liked it — up until the moment that Duke went into a hotel room with an attractive lady, drew the curtains and turned out the lights.

Then, I really liked it.

I blame this shocking conquest as the reason why Golgo 13 sticks so firmly in my memories, although I went on to fall in love with the original manga and animated films. The latest announcement from Hot Toys is aimed directly at collectors like me, who hold Duke Togo dear as one of the most incredible assassins of all time.

The figure stands 1/6 and is fully poseable, and comes with some incredible accessories (best of them is an attache case which houses all of his weapons). Check out the gallery to see some close up shots of it in detail. Golgo is already open for preorder through Blister for 15,800 yen (about $170 US), so if you want to score one now for when his April 2009 release date comes around, have at it.

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