Duke Nukem 3D is hitting XBLA on September 24

Duke Nukem 3D developer, 3D Realms, are like highway maintenance workers. Every morning on your way to work, you notice them standing around a hole laughing and talking instead of working. When you drive past again later in the afternoon, you notice the them doing the same thing, but this time the hole is just a little bit more shallow. According to 1UP (via GameTrailers TV) it appears as though the Duke Nukem hole just got a few lumps of dirt in it. The XBLA title, Duke Nukem 3D, will be ready to download on September 24.

The game will span 28 levels complete with flushable toilets, aliens, and, of course, babes. Even though it is a remake, the XBLA version will have a few new options, the best of which is a “rewind feature” that will allow players to go back in time in the game in case they fall off a ledge or clip through a wall. The game will also have saved films, so you can prove to your friends that 3D Realms actually developed a new Duke game.

There isn’t an official price yet, but the 800-1200 Microsoft points range seems to be all the rage these days. Are you guys ready for some Duke Nukem 3D action?

Brad BradNicholson