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I have no taste in music.

I’m not saying I have bad taste, though that’s certainly a possibility — I mean I literally have no taste. The only songs I like have either been introduced to me by my friends, or were used in a movie or videogame. The only metal songs I like, I heard from either Guitar Hero or Brutal Legend. The only pieces of classical music I like are those which have been used in dramatic films I admire. 

I immediately regret volunteering to do one of these goddamn articles.

MGS2: Sons of Liberty Theme – Performed by Eminence Orchestra

Still the best piece of videogame music ever, to my mind, and it’s never been performed better than by the Eminence Orchestra. Everytime I listen to the song, I imagine a wonderful alternate universe in which those douchebag Russians had never convinced Kojima to drop the Sons of Liberty tune from MGS4. I’m still kind of amazed/irritated that nobody has re-edited MGS4‘s final fight with the Sons of Liberty music, come to think of it. “Metal Gear Saga” is kind of neat and all, but it’s just a substitute teacher.

Shrinking Universe – Muse

About half the songs on my iPod are Muse. I like them a lot. 

This is why I’m not a music critic.

Go Junior, Go Senior – Junior Senior

This song represents literally the only non-Busta-Rhymes-related piece of music in history where the band inserts its own name ubiquitously into the lyrics, and the song is somehow better for it. I find it very difficult to listen to my favorite Junior Senior songs without bopping my head and/or unintentionally memorizing the lyrics.

Night Ripper – Girl Talk

I had to make a separate playlist for my iPod called “Not Girl Talk,” because I can’t stand listening to a single track from Night Ripper out of order. The album (which, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is basically the Biggest, Most Badass Mashup In the History of Time and Space) is meant to be listened to as a cohesive whole — the songs flow so well into one another that once you reach the end, you feel like…I’m not sure. Like you just high-fived God, or something.

The Monkey Island theme

The second best piece of videogame music I’ve ever heard.

L’Arena – Ennio Morricone

I have no idea why I like this song. It’s intensely simplistic and even more repetitive, but I just dig something about the tune. Makes me feel like I just triumphed over some great adversity and should have my head held high, even though I have a chronic slouch and have never triumphed over anything in my entire life.

Skokiaan – Louis Armstrong

It’s easy to criticize Louis Armstrong for being bullshit comfort food, but he’s really, really good bullshit comfort food. I miss musicians who would always perform with orchestras. This song, in particular, has a spectacular instrumental section that lasts roughly 80% of the goddamn song.

All the Strange Strange Creatures – Murray Gold

I like Doctor Who music and it helps me think of HAWP finale ideas. And David Tennant’s jawline.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major, Op. 102 – Dmitri Shostakovich

I was originally going to use this song for Runner, but the pacing didn’t work. A pretty good song to listen to during a rainstorm and/or period of prolonged loneliness and/or when you want to pretend you’re moody and deep.

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