Dtoid Movie Night: Wing Commander

Here on Destructoid we love us some terrible gaming movies. When will they stop making them? Never. And we’ve made it our goal to watch every single one of them. Last week it was Mortal Kombat II, this week it’s Wing Commander. I don’t dare watch it, I’m just reporting the facts: It’s terrible and it starts at 10 P.M. eastern standard time, just like every Dtoid Movie Night.

Want to join us in making fun of it? Awesome, first download Ventrilo, then gank the login info here in our forum. Install Ventrilo, make an account, grab some food, login, and you’ll see about twenty of us talking in various audio chat rooms. Just wander around until someone helps you with your settings, and then we’ll all start watching the movie together at 10 P.M., so try to get there a little early.

If you’ve got any extra questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments. Everyone’s got to be a noob at Ventrilo at one time or another, don’t be afraid to demand more details and get it out of the way now so you can be part of all the Dtoid Movie Nights in the future. Next Tuesday we’re watching Double Dragon, so mark it on your Nerdcore calendar in the most NSFW place you can think of.

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