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Dtoid contest: Win Tabula Rasa with a contest idea?

2008-01-17 06:02:00  ยท  Ron Workman

Have you been wanting to check out Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa on the PC, but your bank account just wont let you? Well, Destructoid can help you out. Let my personal stupidity help your gaming collection get bigger. Win a retail copy of the game just for your idea!

Come up with an original contest idea for another Tabula Rasa prize later on and you could win a copy of Tabula Rasa while you wait. We are looking for an original idea that anyone can join in on. No photoshop contests or video contests please. We want to give everyone an equal shot at winning the grand prize. This is the pre-contest contest more or less. Post your entries here in the comments and check back next Thursday where we will post the winning entry and post the new contest and prize.

This contest is only open to Dtoiders in the U.S. and Canada because I am not mailing anything else around the world.

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