DSi LL moves 103,000 units in 2 days

Maybe it’s that there’s a large number of Japanese with bad eyesight. That’s all I can figure. With the tens of thousands of DS and DSi that sell every week there, you’d think that the whole country has two by now. Well, now going on three.

A whopping 103,524 DSi LL, the new big-screened monster portables, sold in just two days, says Enterbrain data. That’s almost as fast as the DSi Regular, and way faster than the PSPgo.

Is it all old people buying the LL? Probably. Here’s why I say that: Bigger screens, big ol’ fat stylus, muted “adult” colors, and packed-in brain-type and practical applications. It’s like the big type books of videogames. And if this is the case, then Nintendo is really making new customers.

Oh, Nintendo. You guys with your money printing.

[via Kotaku]

Dale North