DS Lite resumes its dominance in Japan

The PSP has been riding high in recent weeks, topping Japanese sales charts for a while, but the DS has reclaimed the top position with authority. The machine extended its prior lead of 2000 units over the PSP to more than 14,000 during the week ending August 17. Where is your Monster Hunter God now?

Weekly sales of the DS rose by more than 18,000 units, selling 78,666 in total. This was helped in no small part by the five DS titles that got into the software chart’s top ten. Sales of all consoles increased, apart from the Xbox 360 which seems to be returning to Spurnsville after the boost provided by Tales of Vesperia. Doesn’t help that there aren’t any left to sell. For number freaks, here are the latest Media Create figures:

DS Lite – 78,666
PSP – 64,413
Wii – 53,036
PlayStation 3 – 11,393
PlayStation 2 – 10,168
Xbox 360 – 7,358

It still amazes me that the DS Lite is selling at all, considering the fact that everyone in Japan must have one. The only theory that remains is that now everybody in Japan is buying one of each color so they can use a different DS for each day of the week.

Jim Sterling