Cult horror sequel DreadOut 2 coming to PlayStation and Xbox in July

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Who are you going to call?

Indie publisher Digerati has announced that DreadOut 2, the sequel to cult streaming favorite DreadOut, will be bringing its ghostly goings-on to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in July, following on from its initial release on PC way back in 2020.

DreadOut 2, much like the 2014 original, is a scare-heavy survival horror title developed by studio Digital Happiness. A third-person action-adventure, DreadOut 2 tells the tale of hardy schoolgirl “Linda Meillinda,” (holy shit), who must use her psychic ghost-whispering powers to uncover and banish an army of spooky spirits that are haunting her town. Much like the popular Fatal Frame series, Linda is aided in her efforts by her camera… though the Camera Obscura here is replaced by… a smartphone.

Explore Ms. Mellinda’s hometown, speak to members of both the living and the dead, take on an array of side-quests, venture into dark, desolate, and disquieting corners, or just take a literal hammer to the bonce of the undead. Keep your proton pack, Spengler. DreadOut 2 expands upon the original game with a tighter focus on both exploration and combat, but is still jam-packed with terrifying monstrosities and more than a fistful of jump scares. While it’s no Resident Evil, it will certainly fit the bill for those looking for a few ghoulish scenarios on a tired evening.

DreadOut 2 launches July 15 on Xbox platforms, with PlayStation to follow on July 20, priced at around $20. It is available to purchase right now for PC via Steam.

Chris Moyse
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