Dragon Slayers in Divinity II run slow, are bad at hiding

Divinity II — Ego Draconis went gold a day or so ago, but don’t expect to see it in a GameStop in the near future. The title is still slated for a January 5th release. That means you a bit of time on your hands before it hits, so why not check out the above? It is, after all, a fresh trailer for the cdv Software-developed RPG.

This is the first of nine planned trailers set to hit before the game arrives in stores. Focusing on the Dragon Slayer, it illustrates that this character can be whatever he wants to be. Kind of like Clayface from Batman, minus the whole clay thing. Also, minus that changing on a dime bit. In fact, scratch all of that Clayface business — DII is an RPG where you (presumably) choose to have your Dragon Slayer be a mage, ranger or whatever. I don’t think Clayface sticks to a specific class.

Also, dragons.

Brad BradNicholson