Dragon Dating Simulator is…well, duh, you date dragons

Imagine, dragons!

I’m imagining the beginning to Stand By Me, but, instead, “Hey, kid, you ever plow a dragon?” 

Dragon Dating Simulator is a visual novel with a “novel-sized script” and “at least” four dragons (two male, two female) to love and bang (the latter implied, not explicit). It’s currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

You are a human sent to the dragon world as part of a cultural exchange program. Why dragons? “We think dragons today are suffering from a substantial image problem. While popular media usually credits them as the amazing and powerful creatures they are, too often are they also depicted as being stereotypically evil or uncaring. Our aim is to show the world that dragons are people too. They think, speak, experience happiness and pain and can also be gentle and loving as well.”

Steven Hansen