Dr. Mario WiiWare gets a new name and a pricetag

Ready to fight some nasty germs? I can’t say much for whatever already lives in your bathroom, but as far as WiiWare is concerned, Mario has you covered. A video on the newly launched Nintendo Channel reveals that the newest incarnation of Dr. Mario will be called Dr. Mario Online RX and will cost 1000 Wii points ($10) to download when it hits North America.

There was no official release date announced, although the news will surely start to fly as the highly anticipated WiiWare launches this May 12th. Just when you though you were going to be able to find a Wii on a Best Buy shelf again…between Wii Fit and WiiWare, Nintendo’s going to keep rolling in the green until at least Christmas (at which point they will undoubtedly have come up with some new way to rob us of all our earthly dollars.) Good grief, Charlie Brown.

[Via Shacknews — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett