Downloadable original content on the Wii? We’ll certainly see

There’s a recent Q&A with Capcom’s Director of Strategic Planning & Research, Christian Svensson, in which he discusses the company’s success in the West, talks about Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, and the simultaneous release of Puzzle Fighter on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

What we’d like to discuss, however, is a very interesting slice of information regarding Nintendo’s online presence, specifically with regards to offering downloadable original content.

In the most straightforward of terms, it’s certainly a possiblity, one that Capcom are definitely considering. In the interview, Svensson states that “it’s going to happen,” and right now, it’s a case of somebody at Nintendo’s end turning on the “spigot” to make it happen. Awesome, we all know how quick Ninty are to get their online crap together.

It would appear that downloadable content for the Virtual Console is in the “when” stage, not the “if.” This would certainly be a coup for the VC that offers nothing but straight up emulation in the face of enhanced classics and original content that Sony and Microsoft currently provide.

Turn on the spigot and hit the jump for Svensson’s full thoughts on the matter.

On Downloadable Wii Games

Do you know anything yet about downloadable original content on the Wii?

CS: We know a lot about that. There are some file size limitations that don’t dovetail well with what we’ve currently got on PS3 and Xbox 360. I would love to put the content that we have on the Wii, and I think it’s a great audience for the type of content, especially for Street Fighter and Puzzle Fighter. We’re still thinking about ways that we can get that content to them, perhaps not downloaded, but perhaps with a consolidated retail SKU. We’re still just tossing around ideas in our head.

But downloadable original content is possible? It’s been hinted that it’s possible, but it’s still not coming yet.

CS: It’s possible. I think you’ll have to talk more to Nintendo about that. It’s not a technical limitation thing, though. We’re certainly going to be able to deliver. It’s really more of them getting their process in place for approvals and their pipeline in place.

I know they have loads of people who want to make content, but I think it’s a matter of some people turning on the spigot. We’ve been asked about bringing our stuff over. It’s going to happen. Once that spigot is opened and the floodgates are unleashed, I’m sure you’ll see loads of it.

Spigot is Bill Cosby’s secret word this week. 

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