Double Dragon, Speedball 2 vanish from XBLA

A few months ago, Empire Interactive went into administration following years of money problems, and it seems that the effects of the company’s fall have spread to Xbox Live. Two of the publishers XBLA games, Double Dragon and Spinball 2: Brtual Deluxe, have gone missing, and it’s unknown if they’ll ever return.

Zoo Games bought most of Empire’s property, but those titles missing from XBLA have presumably gone back to Million and The Bitmap Brothers. In order for the games to get back onto the Marketplace, another publisher would have to pick them up. However, the games are quite old and it’s not looking likely that it’ll be worth anybody’s time and money. 

Empire’s PSN titles, which include Sheep, Pipe Mania and Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku, are still up and running thanks to Zoo.  Thanks Christ for that, we couldn’t live in a world without Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku.

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