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Doom's single-player campaign is 13 hours long


Rip, tear, repeat

If you were worried Doom would follow in the footsteps of other modern first-person shooters with a five hour jaunt of a campaign, you can sleep easy now.

According to id Software, the average length of the campaign clocks in at a hefty 13 hours. That's a whole lot of time to listen to a chainsaw gummed up with demon guts.

Hopefully Doom will have some interesting things to fill that time. I'm excited to play a drop-dead gorgeous reimagining of such an iconic title, but if it's 13 hours of nothing but wandering around and repeatedly examining the insides of various hellspawn, that might get old quick. No one wants a game to be too short, but being too long can be just as bad (thinking of you Alien: Isolation).

Doom [Twitter]

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