Don’t panic! Fable 2 DLC is NOT free

There has been a little confusion this morning over Fable 2‘s recently released Knothole Island DLC, thanks to the Live Marketplace Web site claiming that a non-premium “free” version existed. Just in case you thought this was one of the signs of the apocalypse — Microsoft being generous — don’t worry, MS has reassured everyone that Knothole Island has no freebie version.

The “free” version to which the site refers is an update which allows those who have not bought Knothole Island to continue playing co-op with friends who have. Also, as a small concession, players will be able to nab a few freebie DLC items, such as Knight’s Boots, Assassin’s Gloves, a weight loss potion, a silver book and access to fifty new leaderboards on

The new content released today, and it is being said that the 800 Point package will take “probably over four hours” to complete if you choose to find everything in the game.

Jim Sterling